Numerous elements need to be considered when planning a wedding event. Be it a cathedral or under the stars, every minute details about the wedding day will be preserved in your mind, heart and pictures for the rest of your life. The colours and style of decoration create the backdrop for these landmark memories.

Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event and tend to stay forever with the couple and all their guests. The wedding decoration style and pattern impact the look and feel of the event profoundly. That’s why wedding decoration is essential in planning a wedding event.

Colours Define The Event & Its Theme

Weddings stand out in one’s mind primarily because every couple has their unique touch of wedding colours and style. That’s why most event designers and wedding planners always prefer to start with wedding colours. It is often used to make the venue feel unique and become the very palette of your wedding memories.

Wedding colours often define the emotional and stylish impression you wish to make on your guest. Professionals often use every means possible — from floral arrangements to fabrics — to personalise the venue uniquely for the couple. Many event decorators and designers use long, twining lengths of fabric to transform plain venues into unique wedding dimensions.


Flowers, Hangings & Draping Decor

An exotic decoration extends beyond surrounding your guests with beauty — decorating your venue from the top down is one of the most effective and amazing techniques. Reputable wedding planners, and event organisers suggest using beautiful draping curtains and hanging lights to create a unique venue decoration.

Besides the overall arrangement and decorations, the bride and bridesmaid should carry bouquets that pop with vibrant beauty to instil joy in your guests. The overhead and vertical decor help define the space while imparting your guests a personalised dimension of the celebration.

Wedding flowers mirror the wedding colours. Many event planners use flowers in symbolically meaningful ways. There is no denying that archways of arrangements and flowers create a backdrop of beauty that contributes to the timeless photos and wedding experience.

Lighting decor impacts the vibrance and elegance of the venue setting. Reputable event planners often use sparkling chandeliers, hanging lanterns, or fairy lights in the trees to make the backdrop more detailed and attractive.

Decor Sets The Backdrop & Scene for The Memories

Every couple sets their unique wedding style. Some prefer a conservative or homey style, while others prefer a gilded and elegant background. Professional artists often curate the flowers in your bouquet breathtakingly to reflect your inner joy. Lighting decor is yet another aspect that impacts the mood of the evening party.

Wedding signage is a vital yet rarely mentioned wedding decor element. The personality and design of the arbour under which you get married shape the timeless images of your wedding ceremony.


A wedding is a celebration of love and devotion between two people. It usually involves a joyful gathering of the couple with all their closest family members and friends. Thus, the decoration of your wedding venue should be such that it reflects your beauty and personality.