Before the 19th century, wearing the best dress on the wedding day was customary for the bride, and she could wear whichever colour she felt was suitable for the occasion. Various brides wore different coloured garments, per their personal preferences, and red, brown and russet were the most popular hues.

Rich brides wore fancy dresses, while those from humble backgrounds wore more ordinary dresses. Many ladies got dresses that they could re-wear for other special occasions during those days. Despite the emergence of multiple numerous styles and trends, the white dress remained a persisting constant throughout.


Why the Hype about Wedding Dresses?

Wedding dresses serve as a reminder for the special day, the day of your dreams – your wedding day! Since the day is so unique, brides eagerly spend considerable time, energy, effort, and money to find the perfect dress for the day. Many people opine that merely seeing their wedding dress results in a flood of happy memories gushing uneven years after their wedding!

A Short History of Wedding Dresses

White wedding dresses, quite interestingly, are widely associated with multiple myths. Coming into popular fashion in the 19th century, the trend of wearing white dresses for weddings emerged as a custom in the mid-20th century.

Western societies widely associate white dresses with purity, which was the primary reason Western brides chose to wear white. However, many believed people attached white to purity merely due to traditional and sentimental reasons. Despite all the hype, it became more of a fashion when Queen Victoria of England married Prince Albert in a white gown.

White Wedding Dress – A Status Symbol

By the 20th century, the white wedding dress started speaking volumes regarding the bride’s wealth, and thus, it evolved more as a status symbol. Several wealthy Europeans and Americans adopted the white colour for their wedding dress, following the popular trend.

Even today, the white wedding dress retains its proud first preference as wedding wear. Reputed designers from Always and Forever Bridal consider white wedding dresses as more the very embodiment of a dream.

Not Just the Dress, The Accessories are Vital Too!

If love offers a fairy tale, you should appear on a particular day looking your very best! Other than the beautiful gown, which gets immediate attention, accessories are also essential as they complement your overall look.

Wedding accessories are reasonably known to bolster your beauty and offer that perfect appearance. Amongst them, jewellery is an essential form. Experts at Always and Forever Bridal often suggest keeping pieces of jewellery simple, though matching with the wedding dress and not overdoing them, irrespective of the wedding theme. They also advise choosing platinum or silver ornaments with pearl detailing to go with white dresses.


With so many brides making multiple fashion statements, there is no denying that bridal fashion evolved spectacularly over the years. However, the white dress survived multiple seasons and remained in fashion due to constant change and re-invention.

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