You won’t be moving with the same ease and enthusiasm that you usually do on your wedding day. You will be walking with a slow pace and elegance, taking extra precautions. Keeping these factors in mind, you surely don’t want to be confined by the unfinished details of your wedding outfit, that you can’t fully enjoy the day as you have planned. You certainly want to do away with any discomfort or wardrobe malfunction. This is where the wedding dress fitting checklist comes in.

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What to Bring for Your Wedding Dress Fitting Trial

A skin-tight wedding dress looks astonishing, but, isn’t practical. While a loose wedding dress does not look great. If you are in search of that perfect one in between, you must ensure that the person who is doing the alterations for you is willing to take it slow, providing a nice texture to your bridal gown. There may be pins or temporary stitches when you do the trial, and you would rather not want to harm the dress at the early stage.


Here is a handy checklist of products that you need to bring along with you during the trial to get the nicely stretched attractive wedding gown.

1. Shapewear and Lingeries

It is preferable to wear what you think you may wear under your wedding gown, a good quality
shapewear, the undergarments in the colour close to your skin tone.

2. Shoes and Accessories

If you have already got your hair accessories, jewelleries and shoes that you will be carrying with your wedding gown, bring them along.

3. Notebook & Pen

You will need a notebook and pen to jot down the details and a few more alterations if required.

Apart from the above-mentioned checklist, there is one more to-do list to ensure that the dress is well-fitted, allowing you to move freely on your big day.

1. Sit Down & Walk Around

You will sit down for a significant event during your wedding day, either for a photo shoot or a meal. Likewise, there will be times when you will be walking, be it on your way to the aisle or meeting the guest. Thus, it is important to check that during the wedding gown trial so that you feel comfortable on your big day.

2. Dance, Raise Your Arm, Mimic Hugging

You will be surprised how often you will be weaving at onlookers as you travel to the ceremony, or dancing on the floor after the wedding, hugging your groom and loved ones. Thus, it is a good idea to test things before the wedding day.

3. Mime Getting In & Out of the Car

The practice of entering and exiting the vehicle can be helpful if you are planning an unusual form of transport.

4. Take off the Dress

With the trial of your outfit, you will be able to know in advance the kind of help you might need to get dressed and undressed. This can help you provide the details related to the buttons and clasps to the sewer.

Don’t panic, if you can’t do everything on the above list comfortably. Keeping these factors in mind, Always and Forever Bridal is an exclusive bridal shop in London, offering you a customised solution. Our designer staff will provide you with a marvellous alteration solution that will have no tear by the time you make it to the bridal suite.

There is no limit to the time consumed for your trial. Our experienced staff is committed to providing our brides with the ultimate designer experience.