Meadow Madi Lane
With the big day approaching, the wedding preparations are going in full swing. The venue, menu, guest list and all the other details are sorted out. Now, it’s time to finalise the most tricky details – shopping for your bridesmaid party.

Making sure your bridal party looks as ethereal as you do when you walk down the aisle is important to make your big day memorable.

Just like bridal shopping, bridesmaid dress shopping too is an emotionally overwhelming task. There are chances that you have to deal with different budgets, body types and even style preferences. You need to do a lot of monkey balancing to make sure that the bridesmaid shopping finishes without any controversies.
While it’s a challenging process it doesn’t necessarily have to be stressful or emotionally and physically strenuous.

Here are some expert tips on how to shop for bridesmaid dresses becomes as easy as a breeze:

A Little Inspiration Helps A Lot

Coming up with a good old inspiration board before getting into shopping mode. You can create a Pinterest board like mood board to give your wedding stylist a glimpse of what you have thought for your bridal party.  With numerous styles and colours to choose from, narrowing down the options will give your bridesmaid shopping a great start!  Whether you want something in a classic neutral palette or in a bohemian mix and match style, preparing an inspiration board will take you halfway through your dreamy wedding.

Take Comfort Factor in Consideration

Whether your girls squad consists of only a few close friends or a huge party with all your cousins, friends and relatives, remember that every girl has a different body type. It’s next to impossible to cater to everyone’s preferences while picking up a bridesmaid dress. You don’t necessarily have to address everyone’s dream look, but choose a bridesmaid dress that goes well with everyone’s style preferences. You can go an extra mile and customise their looks by silhouette, length, and so on.

Pick a Style that Complements Your Wedding Dress

Before you pick your best ladies dresses, think about your own wedding dress.  Whether you are wearing a classic, vintage, contemporary or boho dress, you’ve to be mindful that your bridesmaid’s dress should go with the vibe and theme of your wedding.

Don’t Ignore Venue, Season and Theme

Sometimes, brides tend to overlook small, but significant details like season, venue or theme of your wedding.  Keeping in mind these tiny details will help you steer through the right direction and keep gorgeous dresses for your bridal party. For example, if you want to tie the knot during winters, you should focus on richer fabric, more length and deeper tones. The same goes for venues – If you are planning a beach wedding metallic sequins will not be a great choice.