Whether you wish to have a traditional, large-scale wedding or an intimate ceremony, wedding preparations are always jam-packed with tons of decisions and confusions.

While picking up a menu, venue and theme for your wedding is a tough call, shopping for “that” dream dress can be extremely daunting. When you are dreaming about a perfect ceremony and jotting down the romantic wedding vows, you know that the main attraction would be your wedding dress. That’s why you don’t want anything, but the best for your special day.

Going on a shopping spree for a wedding dress is not as simple as they show in romantic comedies. It can be an emotional roller coaster ride, especially when you get into a vortex of myths that surround the wedding dress shopping.

It may be hard to believe, but there’s an entire room of misconceptions about finding “The One” wedding dress. Before you actually start on with your search for your dress, it’s important to learn about the misconceptions and how it can actually make the hunt for that dream dress exceedingly challenging.

Myth #1. You Need to Bring Entire Bridal Party

You Need to Bring Entire Bridal PartyThe pop culture and romantic comedies paint a rosy picture where the soon to be bride goes for shopping with an entourage! While it is fun to go shopping with a dozen of your friends, it is wise to invite only a few who are really close to you. Your close circle of friends will champion your instincts and understand your vision. Moreover, these people will not influence your decision and let you follow your heart. From best friends to grandma and cousins, pick a small group of 3-4 people who admire your style and sensibility.

Myth #2. Buy the Dress that Makes you Cry

Buy the Dress that Makes you CryAgain movies have heightened this unrealistic expectation where the bride cries when she finds “the” dress. There’s nothing wrong to have a few tears of joy as you try on a truly beautiful dress, but that doesn’t mean that you have to buy it. Every bride is different and so is her reaction. Some might stand in front of the mirror for minutes and quietly reflect over the moment, while some would go giddy like a schoolgirl. Long story short, it’s not mandatory to cry when you finally lay your hands over a dress that you always envisioned.

Myth #3. Wedding Gowns Have to Classic and White

Wedding Gowns Have to Classic and WhiteEvery bride is different and so is her style and taste in fashion. We have seen many brides who are old-school and absolutely adore the classic, traditional white gowns. On the other hand, we have hosted many to-be brides who possess a contemporary taste – They will try every style – right from the classic ball gowns to the very modern jumpsuit wedding dresses. Moreover, many modern-day brides also prefer to pick out the most conventional colours including black, green, violet and pink.