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Whether you want to don an opulent princess gown or a simple sleek sheath gown, searching for a wedding dress that you have been envisioning comes with countless considerations.

Among the numerous considerations, selecting the right shade of white is one of the most crucial and toughest ones.

At Always and Forever, we come across several perplexed brides at our Bridal Shop in London, Surrey, Middelsex, who struggle to find the perfect shade of white.

Here our team of wedding stylists breaks down the difference between brilliant white, natural white and ivory and also share their experience to help you decide which shade is right for you!

Stark White

Stark White gown

The brightest of all, brilliant white is usually bleached to get a crisp tint. The brilliant white shade is best achieved when used on synthetic fabrics like satins, taffetas and polyester blends. This shade is known to pick up the colours from its surrounding; however, it can sometimes appear too electric.

Over years the brilliant white is getting less popular as modern day brides usually prefer universally complimentary shades. In addition to this, experts recommend to be more careful while choosing stark white as HD cameras can give the pictures with a light blue tint.

Natural White

Natural White Giwn

Generally known as “silk white”; this is the whitest shade you get for natural fibers. It falls somewhere between brilliant white and ivory, featuring a little less warmth compared to ivory. Some brides feel that since it’s not on the brighter side, it may make their bridal look a little dull. However, you should give it a try as natural white never fails to impress as it will make your wedding photographs look organic, candid without the unwanted bluish tint.

Ivory or Eggshell

Ivory or Eggshell Gown

Often referred to as “eggshell” in the fashion world, this shade is increasingly getting popular among the modern day brides. This creamy colour adds a layer of luxury while still looking white in the wedding photographs.

Then we have Champagne, Mocha, Sand, and many more shades in between, now available to the modern bride. Why not step out of your comfort zone and try the different shades, as they can completely change a look of a gown, for instance you may bypass a pretty ivory gown as it looks unassuming, then you see it in a Mocha or Champagne and it now has the wow factor you are looking for in your perfect Wedding Gown.

While it is one of the most sought after shades, we have come across brides who feel a little nervous while picking up an ivory gown, as most of them assume ivory has a yellowish undertone. However, it’s far from the truth – Most of the time it’s difficult to tell if the gown on the rack is ivory or natural white.

How to Pick the Right Shade According to Your Skin Tone

The thumb rule is to pick up brighter white shade if your skin tone is a tad darker or your complexion has yellow or olive undertones. White dresses on fair skin may appear a bit harsh and even washed out.