Thanks to numerous movies and TV shows, shopping for a wedding dress is highly romanticised. While taking some inspiration from your favourite movies is always welcomed, it’s important to know that it’s not the reality! In the real world, shopping for a dream bridal gown is not as dramatic. A million things and minor details go into making a gown that encapsulates your unique personality.

Meadow Madi Lane

Customise Your Wedding Dress For a Sartorial Representation of Your Personality

Are you uncertain about the look of your wedding dress? Getting all the minor details correct may not be every bride’s cup of tea. Here, we have listed down some Insta-worthy customisation ideas to make your wedding dress an extension of your personality without compromising on its original design.

Masterfully Contoured Necklines

A well-contoured and structured neckline drastically changes the look of your wedding dress. Beautifully accentuating your decolletage, a customised neckline gives your unique body type a glamorous touch. Carefully designed deep necklines for a petite bride and higher neckline for taller brides are classic combinations.

Embellish it With Intricate Beading

Sometimes, a small detail like intricate beading is all it takes to add a hint of glamour to your wedding ensemble. Beading work turns your vision into reality- depending on your taste, you can either go for lavish and intricate work or minimalist and simple beading.


If you love minimalism or simple design, add a beaded belt or sash to add that extra pinch of pzazz.

Stunning Sleeves

You envisioned yourself in capped sleeves. But once you arrive at a bridal boutique you fall in love with a style that doesn’t fall in line with your vision of a “perfect wedding dress”. Cut the confusion – you can always keep a strapless dress and get a detachable sleeve as per your taste.

For a fall wedding, a long or three-quarter sleeve is what you need. Flaunt your curves with minimal designs by wearing a sensual lace capped sleeve.

Get Stylish with Crinoline

A piece of fashion that adds style and comfort – Crinoline – gives your dress the volume and panache you desire. Crinoline is a detachable dress lining that makes your gown to the required fullness to make the dress stand out. It’s just an extra layer to create a more flattering and figure-fitting dress.

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