Just like bridal wear, bridesmaid dress too goes through dramatic changes. Whether its fabrics, silhouettes, neckline or colours – fashion for bridesmaids has come a long way. Choosing a superlatively beautiful and elegant ensemble for your best girls, from a plethora of styles, colours and silhouettes can be a daunting task. This adds to your shopping woes!

To ease the things down, so you could select an ultimate outfit for your ladies of honour, we have listed down the top trends that we expect will take the wedding fashion by storm in 2020.

1. Coral (Palette) is the Colour of the Year

The wonderful and sublime shades of coral will emerge as a significant trend for 2020 bridal parties. You can expect a lot of light pink mixed with soft orange and pastel colours, making your bridal party look fresh, lively and vibrant. If you are contemplating about having mix-and-match bridal group, this colour works really well! Besides, you can handpick chiffon gowns with off-the-shoulder sleeves to give a finishing touch to this innovative colour palette.

2. Nature Inspired Colours

Nowadays, an increasing number of brides are using a lot of “green” as a part of the main colour for their wedding; and this goes for bridesmaid dresses too! This year variations of the green top the list and we are pretty sure to find this colour almost everywhere.  If you are looking for something inspired by nature, pick light chiffon gowns with a lot of traditional styling in soft moss colours. Not to mention, the beautiful green colour is just the right thing if you are looking forward to an outdoor ceremony as it will seamlessly blend with natural surroundings.

3. Stay Tuned for a Glamourous Revival

This year, we’re expecting more formal weddings – Brides, these days, prefer the elegant and opulent indoor settings. Hence are gradually drifting away from simplistic outdoor venues. With this shift towards a more formal and glamorous setting, comes a new trend for bridesmaids outfit. If you are planning for a more formal wedding, look out for satin and fit-and-flare bridesmaid gowns for a traditional and timeless look. To get this look right on the spot, go for a black dress with a sweetheart neckline for a demure meet modern style.