With a dozen of decisions to make and tons of things to organise, pulling off a wedding of your dreams is pretty much “the mission impossible”.

It’s tough to keep your cool and remain calm about one of the most important days of your life. Just a handful of lucky brides can manage to handle the stress and remain the beautiful blushing bride. The rest can turn into the dreaded bridezilla – All stressed out, frustrated and screaming at everyone.

We understand pulling off a memorable wedding soiree isn’t a cakewalk – But, it’s important to ensure the stress and strain of planning a perfect wedding shouldn’t spoil your greatest day. That’s why we bring you a few tips to make sure you don’t turn into a cranky bridezilla.

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The lavish and beautiful wedding of your best friend left you awe-struck, so when it’s time for you to walk down the aisle, you start dreaming about having a ceremony as luxurious as your friends. There’s nothing wrong in having a fairy-tale wedding, but it’s important to get a reality check. Make sure your expectations are feasible and achievable. You may have a myriad of things to consider to plan a wedding you saw in your favourite movie. Make sure your wedding dreams are within your reach to avoid any disappointments.

2. Don’t be Selfish – Make it a Team Work!

Wedding is a big day for both you and your partner. Therefore, don’t forget to involve your fiance! It’s normal to get swept up in making your wedding “Postcard Perfect”, but remember it’s his big day too! Talk and listen to each other to ensure you both are on the page. Give him an opportunity to speak and share his thoughts. This will ensure you have a ceremony that’s a reflection of your relationship and the years you spent as a couple.

3. Pamper Yourself

Your inner bridezilla can emerge the moment you start feeling you’ve got just too much to handle. Just be careful not to take out your crankiness and frustration out on people around. Better you take a step back and pamper yourself with some quality “ME” time. Book an appointment in the spa and get a relaxing massage or watch a rom-com with your girl-friends. The bottom line is here to give yourself some time to reset your brain, so you can go back to planning your big day feeling all calm and refreshed.

4. Don’t Fret About Little Things

It’s normal to have wedding day meltdowns, but it’s important to accept that things sometimes, may not go as per our expectations. Even if you spend hours obsessing over the details, there will probably be a minor setback. The best thing is to make peace with the expected hurdles early on. This will help you to roll off your back and go right back to celebrating and enjoying the new beginning. Assuming that every little detail must go off without a glitch is just setting yourself up for an epic meltdown.

Weddings are special; it’s the ultimate celebration of your unending love for each other. So, it’s important to live every moment of it. Getting stressed, cranky or frustrated won’t help; instead, it will play the spoil-sport.

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