Congratulations! You’ve got the ring on your finger, now you’re ready to go dress shopping.

It’s a piece of cake right? Don’t stress out; we’ve got some inspiration for you.

Let’s just agree that the wedding dress is very important. And we know that wedding dress shopping can be completely overwhelming — how can a bride-to-be be expected to narrow down her taste and pick just one dress out of the plethora of styles and options?

Luckily, as one of the premier bridal shops in London, we love exploring wedding dress designs all day. Always and Forever Bridal have rounded up some favourite stunning real bride looks to help you figure out what you may get for your own wedding dress.

We are sharing top 5 wedding dress trends for 2018 for our brides to be. We are sure, you’re bound to find one that inspires you from our selection.

The Sheer Look

In case you haven’t noticed, 2017 was the year of Sheer and it will continue to dominate the fashion game for the next year too.

Off The Shoulder

It’s official. Off the shoulder dresses and tops are this year’s key silhouette.


Romantic? Yes. Comfortable? Yes. Pretty as a picture? Yes, oh yes! Boho inspired bridal dresses are a refreshing break from the traditional ball gowns and glamorous mermaids. They are also perfect for a beach, backyard or rustic wedding.

Cut Outs

This trend for wedding dresses is all about detailing, design elements, geometric influence, and high fashion statement. Cut outs dresses will give you a completely refined look. This dress doesn’t need more than a statement bracelet and neutral makeup to really jazz up your dream wedding memories.

Hints of colour

Colour, colour, everywhere. For those of us having complexions for an ill-looking white dresses, you’ll be pleased to know that colour continues to put in an appearance, and isn’t it wonderful?

So that’s our summary of wedding dress inspiration for 2019!

We know weddings are stressful no matter how formal or big they are. Keep in mind what is really important is to find time to really enjoy the process!!

Let Always and Forever Bridal be your destination for women’s wedding dresses and bridal gowns in London.